What is DWCC?

The Downtown Windsor Community Collaborative (DWCC) is a network of friends committed to ongoing renewal of the downtown.  Some live downtown, others support renewal from outside the boundaries. All are committed to the downtown enjoying a taste of it being "a great place to grow up, and a great place to grow old".

Downtown Windsor is bounded by the River to Giles, Howard to Caron.  In that 4 sq km are 16,000 people living in 30 plus neighbourhoods.


 Mission Vision Actions

Our vision is of biblical proportions – the words of the prophet Zechariah poetically state that when God moves back into the city it becomes a 'good place to grow up and a good place to grow old.' A great city is multi-generational, it's a walk-able safe place, and a place in which neighbours share their stories and life together. We work together so that each street becomes a taste of that vision.

Our mission is to renew the city through nurturing neighbourhood community. In each walkable street there are growing friendships and a leadership that work together to see their streets being safe places and a place that we want to live in.
Picture1DWCC's goal is a Lighthouse in every neighbourhood – a network of friends intentionally working on creating a great rneighbourhood. Through hospitality and bringing people together we move folks from strangers to acquaintances to friends. Within each lighthouse is a small group pursuing living and seeing life through the lens of Jesus. Sundays we gather to practice -  to realign to the mission and vision and encourage each other through spiritual rhythms and habits.  Through the week we work together on projects and activities that enhance the neighbourhood.  Neighbourhood Engagement happens through Resident Action Teams that identify activities and coordinate neighbours to make it happen.


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