The Downtown Windsor Community Collaborative is a network of friends committed to the renewal of the downtown area.  Some live in the Parish; others support the renewal from outside the boundaries. All are committed to it becoming "a great place to grow up in, and a great place to grow old".

Downtown Windsor is bounded by the River to Giles, Howard to Caron.  In that 4 sq km are 16,000 people living in 25 neighbourhoods.

The story of DWCC

Before Bob and Margo moved back home in September 2010 a growing group gathered on occasion to dream what it would look like if God moved into the neighbourhood. Most of the dreamers were active in compassion and advocacy in the downtown core. When the Cameron's moved downtown we mobilized our efforts to care for our neighbours. Our first endeavour was to coordinate the volunteers for the local school breakfast club. And in that first year we listened to the Spirit through our Anticipate gatherings and Love the City Weekends with Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne. What has formed out of that listening is a strategy of forming an active community in every neighbourhood of the parish that renews their street. Each season new Lighthouses gather in different neighbourhoods pursuing Jesus' words to love our neighbours.

Mission Vision Objectives

Our vision is of biblical proportions – the words of the prophet Zechariah poetically stated that when God moves back into the city it becomes a 'good place to grow up in and a good place to grow old.' A great city is multi-generational, it's a walk-able safe place, and a place in which neighbours share their stories and life together. All our activities work towards each street being a realisation of that vision.

Our mission is to renew the city through rebuilding neighbourhood community. In each walkable street there are growing friendships and a leadership that works together to see their streets being safe places and a place that we want to live in.

Our Objectives are to establish a Lighthouse – a network of friends intentionally working on creating a great neighbourhood. Through hospitality and bringing people together we move folks from strangers to acquaintances to friends and for many to become fellow followers of Jesus. Each group initiates community development - endeavours that improve the quality of life. Right now we are launching community gardens, encouraging people to meet one another in the garden while providing healthy affordable food. As efforts sprout up across the parish it is important to gather periodically to realign to the mission and encourage each other through worship and story and sharing a good meal together.